Living in Andalucía - Bureaucracy

Work your way through the Spanish red tape. © iStock image
Work your way through the Spanish red tape.


Spain is a fairly bureaucratic country, with a red tape tradition going back centuries. It is inevitable that you will encounter numerous paperwork projects while you are living here. The following articles will provide insights into some specific projects as well general information and advice that should help you regardless of the task you face. Of special importance will be an understanding of cultural norms that will help you behave in culturally appropriate ways that should contribute to the success of your venture.



Adoption Empadronamiento
Adopting a baby requires massive amounts of paperwork in any country. Here are the steps you can expect to take should you adopt a child from any country in the world via the Andalusian Regional Government.
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This is one of the first documents you should file for upon moving to a new municipality.
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Legal Advice Profesional Advisors
You may need professional legal advice in order to draw up rental contracts, draft a Spanish version of your will or look for ways to reduce inheritance tax.
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Fed up of trying to do it yourself. Seek professional help.
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Red Tape Survival Tips Residency
The following general list will help you prepare for just about any bureaucratic adventure.
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Find out why you need this document and how it is obtained.
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