Professional Advisors

Professional Advisors

There are various legal and professional advisors in Spain that you may need if you purchase property or decide to become a resident.

This section is intended to help you understand what the role of different professions is and how they can help you.



Many larger offices in towns offer the services of all these professionals in a "one stop shop" idea. Others may suggest this but they will subcontract the services of a colleague.There is no right or wrong way of doing this but you should be aware of the limitations of your chosen professionals.

One common "moan" of many residents about their professionals is that they are not pro-active enough in suggesting options or alternatives. Perhaps this is a product of the nature of the financial compensation which is often a minimum competing level or set monthly fee and it does not encourage that little bit of extra investigation.

If your international status is complicated, with substantial assets and income in Spain and other countries as well you will have to look hard to find a professional who truly understands the rules of more than one country. You will may need to balance advice yourself from professionals based in each jurisdiction.

If you are starting a business then you will need the help of the professionals listed above plus many more. Please see our Business Services.