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You may not need the services of an accountant when you first arrive in Spain but when it comes to completing your annual income tax return you might consider employing one. Accounting services are not difficult to locate in Andalucia. Both qualified Spanish and foreign accountants provide services in many languages. In Spanish, an accountant is called a "contable", or Asesor Fiscal. A business is likely to employ one to help with the tax returns and employing staff.

Many businesses retain Asesor Fiscals on a monthly basic to complete all the statutory declarations, pay taxes, pay social security, complete all necessary procedures with SAE (Servicio Andaluz de Empleo) when employing and dismissing staff - this will stop business owners from running into any trouble through misunderstandings. Outside of Andalucía SAE is known as INEM (Instituto Nacional de Empleo).

Some accountants are also known as "Econoministas" and will carry out business analyses as well. These tend to be the exception to the rule and it does appear to be difficult to obtain the services of proactive finance director types to help with budgets and cash flow forecasting.

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