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Cash & Debit Cards

Cash & Debit Cards

All banks offer customers a combined cash and debit card which are widely used and accepted throughout Spain. Purchases and cash withdrawals are automatically debited from your cheque or savings account. You don't receive a monthly statement and can't run up bills with a cash or debit card.

Cards allow holders to withdraw up to approximately 300 euros a day from ATMs and obtain account balances and mini-statements. There are three ATM networks; the most important are Telebanco 4B (indicated by a blue and yellow striped logo with the inscription 4B) and Servired (indicated by a black rectangle with a circle logo inside and the inscription "Servired").

It is important to be aware of the fact that even though both networks allow members from either network to use their ATMs, you will pay an additional fee for using an ATM that is outside your network. In fact, often your network's logo will be represented on a non-network machine simply because it is possible for you to use it. It is up to you to carefully distinguish which network the ATM really belongs to, and this is not difficult, especially once you become familiar with the banks in this area and know which ATM network each one belongs to.

Use your ATM card the same as you would use cash to buy groceries, petrol, clothing or pay the bill at many restaurants and even cafes.

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