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Finance - Gestors


The Gestor is a profession dedicated principally to helping you with Spanish Bureaucracy. It is a concept that many foreigners new to Spain have trouble understanding as the profession simply does not exist in their home countries. It originates form the days when illiteracy in Spain was very high and the bureaucracy was complicated. Luckily there are many English speaking Gestors in the popular costal towns on hand to help.

He will help you apply for a Residencia, or apply for a driving license, or complete your annual income tax return. If you are setting up in business as self employed or as a limited company you should definitely employ one as there are numerous services he can help you with.

For a moderate fee a Gestor can save you hours of leg work. He will know which forms to get, how to fill them in and give you basic advise. At the tax office he will save time by knowing which queue to stand in and will probably deal with the paperwork of several clients at a time. (Terrible if you waiting in line behind one) When there is a problem he will know the best way to approach the civil servants to sort it out.

Although a Gestor will advise you on what you can claim and what you should not claim when completing any income or allowance sections of a form, remember it is you who signs the form at the end of the day and you are responsible for your own declaration.

Gestors are professionals and also belong to a Colegio.

Be aware that a Gestor is not a Lawyer or a Tax Consultant and in certain specialist areas it may be necessary to seek the advise of these more qualified professionals.