Tax Planning Considerations

Tax Planning Considerations

Offshore trusts and companies have in the past been used to structure individuals in a tax-efficient way or for inheritance reasons. However, due to the costs incurred by professional fees, this really is not a cost-effective option for assets below Euro 750,000.

Before you even consider setting up an offshore structure, it is imperative that you seek independent tax advice. This is because you need to know if there will be any implications with regards to your country of residence, and only a professional will be capable of providing accurate information that pertains to your individual situation.

Read on to learn about the following aspects of tax planning:

Holding Companies Today the main purpose of these companies is to hold assets. More >
Independent Tax Advice Why might you need independent tax advice before setting up offshore? More >
Nominee Services This option provides a large degree of confidentiality as well as special benefits in the sales of assets. More >
Use of Trust Structures Offshore trusts are known for the tax advantages they offer. More >


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