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Gibraltar's economy revolves largely around financial services, shipping, tourism and e-gaming and telecommunications, including Internet. Businesses wishing to set up, expand or diversify on the Rock should contact the InvestGibraltar Office, Department of Enterprise & Development.

Clearly, the foreign exchange needs of a business differ a great deal from those of the individual. Depending upon your type of business, you might only have to make periodic, large transfers on short notice. Or maybe your business is an international concern making it susceptible to fluctuations in worldwide exchange rates. Perhaps the nature of your business means that you can plan money transfers well ahead of time, thereby making it possible to minimise the costs of such transactions through intelligent forward planning.

The individual relationships that develop with financial professionals are very important for the business client because it will be an ongoing one which can rely as heavily upon personal interaction as upon the level of service that the professional provides. Therefore, your choice of a foreign exchange company is an even more important one. Before making any selection, there are a number of basic questions that you will need to ask.

Looking for financial information dealing with Andalucia? Doing business in Andalucia can be a little intimidating, especially if you are new to the region or even new to Spain. Many of the laws are as different as the culture so it is always refreshing to know that you can find trusted information all in one place.