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Offshore Mortgages & Lending

Offshore institutions are not normally user-friendly when it comes to loaning money. The institution often comes under the laws of the offshore jurisdiction and does not have the resources or expertise to lend funds in another location. Therefore, offshore institutions will probably specialise only in selected areas and fields.

Personal loans are not common either. This is simply because the institution will consider it a high risk, as a bad loan in a third country is expensive and time-consuming to reclaim via the courts.

However, there are interesting possibilities for offshore investors, who might be able to obtain a back to back loan (see below). And, there are numerous possibilities available from onshore institutions in the jurisdiction of your residence. The articles below discuss all of these options.

Back to Back Loans Equity Release Schemes
If you have substantial investments offshore, your investment company might offer you this option.
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Under such a scheme you might be able to obtain equity and continue living in it until your death.
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Offshore Mortgages  
Offshore banks usually place special requirements on non-resident lenders. See also mortgages in our property section.
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