Finance - Property in Inland Andalucia

Property in Inland Andalucia

Inland Andalucia offers a variety of unique investment opportunities. Unlike the coast, inland areas are mostly rural, except for the occasional white pueblo - or white city - dotting the countryside.

Rural resorts and bed and breakfasts are popular investments in the countryside as this region's green tourism industry is growing fast. While some of these are bought second hand, many more are transformed from old estates, olive oil factories, mills and other old-style industrial buildings. They attract groups from the coast looking for quiet areas to conduct meetings and retreats as well as both foreign and Spanish individuals who enjoy the countryside.

Inland Andalucia is also a good place to acquire large tracts of land or a rural estate. And this can turn out to be a profitable investment if you buy in an area that is emerging as a residential tourist destination. A good way to find these areas is to research the motorways that are planned for a specific area over the coming five years. In 2003, for example, road networks are rapidly expanding into the countryside outside Málaga capital and investors are already sweeping through the Guadalhorce valley, out to towards Cártama and Álora in an attempt to beat the rush as the motorway doubles its capacity to meet with growing demands.