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Finance - Savings & Investments

Savings & Investments

Whether you are the first time investor looking for a basic saving programme or you are more experienced but wishing for an overview of all the available investment vehicles offered by offshore entities, you will find here pertinent information.

The following articles have been written by a long-time expert in the offshore financial industry. In the interests of neutrality, his name will be withheld. Deposit Based Investments - banks and building societies fall into this category.

Alternative Investments Asset Backed Investments
Find market-linked deposits, absolute return strategies, hedge funds, options, warrants and futures in this area.
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These include shares and stock picking as well as mutual funds, investment trusts, advisory and managed porfolios.
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Fixed Interest Investments Offshore Mortgages & Lending
Here you will find information about sovereign bonds, corporate bonds and euro bonds.
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While these are not popular offshore activities, they are viable under specific circumstances.
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Savings Single Premium Insurance
This is an expert overview designed to help you make decisions regarding your savings.
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"With profit" policies, "unit linked" policies and offshore investment bonds are discussed in this section.
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