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Offshore Financial Centre

Offshore investment is a particular attraction in Andalucia due to its proximity to Gibraltar. The reason The Rock is referred to as "offshore" is simply because it is located in an advantageous tax jurisdiction.

Other well known offshore territories are The Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey), Isle of Man, Luxembourg and Switzerland. As a consumer, it is important to know that all of these territories are regulated by their own legislation, which may provide more - or less - investor protection, when compared with your country of residence.

There are a number of ways to become involved in the world of offshore investment. You can initiate your relationship through a bank, for example, or choose to work with a building society, stock/investment broker, or an IFA - Independent Financial Adviser.

Tax Advantages

Favourable tax laws are one of the primary attractions of an offshore financial centre. For example, most offshore jurisdictions offer no income, capital gains or inheritance tax for non-residents. Furthermore, any income generated is often paid net of tax by the institution you are dealing with.

More on Taxes

Before investing offshore, it is important that you take independent tax advice. Also, keep in mind that it is up to investors to declare taxes due to their country of residence, and the legislation in that country may consider undeclared income as a criminal offence.

In the following pages, you can find information on every aspect of offshore investing.

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