Gibraltar - Financial Services Commission

FSC in Gibraltar

Gibraltar's Financial Services Commission is the body that regulates the finance sector. It was set up by an ordinance in 1989, which came into effect in 1991, setting up this commission as a statutory body.

The Commissioner is appointed by Gibraltar's Governor and is responsible to:

  • keep an eye on how legislation is being followed
  • keep tabs on how effectively financial services are being supervised
  • monitor how closely Gibraltar's finance legislation complies with EU and UK standards
  • protect the public from financial loss due to dishonesty, incompetence or malpractice
  • advise both Gibraltar and UK governments regarding financial issues

The Commissioner is also the Commissioner of Banking and the Commissioner of Insurance as well as the CEO in charge of supervising the institutions that carry out financial business both in or from within Gibraltar.

Consumer Complaints

Consumers who feel dissatisfied with the products of services of a financial institution that is regulated by Gibraltar's Financial Services Commission (FSC) can register a complaint with this body.

However, complaints must first be sent to the senior management of the company in question. It is advisable to have a copy of your complaint stamped upon delivery in order to have proof of submission should you need to bring the matter before the FSC.

The FSC is not authorised to mediate between businesses and consumers and is no substitute for legal advice or action. It can, however, be useful to register your complaint so that this body can take appropriate measures to avoid the problem's recurrence.


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