Gibraltar - Legal System & Services

Legal system & services in Gibraltar

Looking for a lawyer? Look no further than Gibraltar, for this rock has the highest per capita population of lawyers in the world!

You might secure the services of a lawyer in Gibraltar in order to assist you in obtaining corporate residency. This is not difficult and gives you the privilege of "passporting", or conducting business in any other EU country without securing further licenses - simply because your business resides on The Rock.

Lawyers in Gibraltar can also advise you on the possibility of setting up a tax exempt company. And, should this arrangement suit you, they can help you as you establish your business.

Another of the many reasons to consult a lawyer in Gibraltar might be to set up a common law trust. This is also appealing to many due to the favourable tax conditions in this area.

Gibraltar's legal system is based on English common and statute law as varied by local legislation. All lawyers are UK qualified and the majority of the larger legal firms have associations with international law firms.



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