Gibraltar - Investment

Investment SErvices in Gibraltar

Given Gibraltar's status as an offshore area with special tax arrangements, this jurisdiction can be highly attractive from an investor's point of view.

The investment market is regulated by Gibraltar's FSC - Financial Services Commission, which is responsible for both authorising and regulating any firm offering investment or insurance services as well as collective-type schemes. In addition to carefully scrutinising a company's upper management, resources and overall credentials in order to decide whether or not to authorise or license the entity, the FSC also oversees the following:

  • Regulatory Codes
  • Accounting and Financial Regulations
  • Conduct of Business Regulations
  • Advertising Norms
  • Rules Regarding Unsolicited Calls
  • Fees Due
  • Collective Investment Schemes

The latter can not be marketed in or from within Gibraltar unless they are authorised or recognised by the Commission.



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