Gibraltar - Private Banking

Private Banking in Gibraltar

Private banking, also known today as "wealth management" can be useful to those who have 100,000 euros or more to invest and seek management for. Offshore areas, like Gibraltar, make private banking services even more useful as institutions located in such jurisdictions are able to offer attractive tax conditions to their clients.

Generally, a private banker will focus on helping you to pursue financial stability and growth. Naturally, this will be done in the context of your personal level of risk tolerance. In exchange, you can expect to be charged fees based on the type of relationship you form. For example, if you choose to limit the private banker's role to that of a pure advisor, fees will inevitably be higher than those charged to clients depositing money into the bank and using its services.

A private banker will probably emphasise the confidential nature of your relationship. And you can expect this condition to be upheld at all costs in the case of legitimate clients. However, international crack-downs on money laundering, drug trafficking and terrorism have made it necessary for even the most confidential information to be disclosed in such criminal circumstances.

Private banking is a thriving sector in Gibraltar, with many distinguished entities offering the service to expatriates residents in Spain.




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