Finance - Notary


The Notary is not a professional advisor he is a witness of the state. There are many transactions, such as the purchase of land, that the law requires that they be witnessed by a Notary. The escritura of your house is signed and filed away at the Notary and becomes an "escritura publica". You will have a certified copy of the document and the original remains with the Notary.

These are typical thing you might do at the Notary's office.

  • Signing the deeds (escritura) of a house.
  • Signing the deeds (escritura) of a mortgage.
  • Signing a will.
  • Signing for a bank loan.
  • Having you signature witnessed on a document.
  • Setting up a power of attorney for yourself of a company.
  • Asking the notary to witness something.
  • Registering the Charter (Escritura) of a Limited Company.
  • Registering the minutes of a community.

You can not instruct a Notary as you can a professional advisor but a Notary or his assistant may be able to give you useful advise.

A busy Notary's office is a fascinating place, indeed a bewildering place especially to those who don't speak Spanish and just wonder what is going on with people in suits walking around and shaking hands moving in and out of rooms. Their offices are fascinating places.

Normally you will not need to understand what is going on as your lawyer will advise you. You will probably just sign on the dotted line when he tells you to.
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