Audits and Auditors


As a business owner in Andalucia you will periodically need the services of an auditor. These professional accountants study your company’s accounts and finances in order to certify that your financial statements are valid and free of error.

Business audits are not only mandatory; they are also extremely useful for company owners and directors wishing to keep close tabs on all aspects of their businesses. An experienced team of professionals can provide you with much more than annual audits by offering business advice, analysis of risk factors, tax consultancy, help avoiding money laundering, labour consultancy, assistance in dealing with insolvency and even turning an ailing business around.

Following is a review of services you can expect from an auditing firm:

Forensic Investigations

Forensic accounting is a highly specialised branch in this field. Specially trained professionals work with a combination of accounting and detective techniques to conduct in-dept financial and accounting research which is often used in court or for conducting negotiations. A forensic accountant can serve as an expert witness in a trial or help to identify key issues in complicated financial situations for use in a variety of situations.

Independent Business Review

These audits serve a wide variety of requirements by lenders, investors and venture capitalists, for example. The reports produced are known as “Due Diligence” and include such factors as your company’s current trading and financial position, profit and cash flow forecasts, business strategies, management systems and much more. An experienced team of professionals can also help you to produce state of the art trading and cash flow projections.

Feasibility Studies

Should your business face a potential crises situation, an experienced and specialized auditor can help you by performing an in-depth analysis of the situation and coming up with an action plan to keep your company on solid ground.

Help with Subsidies

Some auditing companies also provide aid to companies wishing to pursue subsidies. In this case, your auditor can ensure that you are complying with all legal requirements and then accompany you through each stage of the subsidy procurement process.

General Assistance

Remember that your expert auditors are professional accountants; they can help you with a wide array of issues as you attempt to nurture a thriving business in Andalucia while meeting all the demands of a government that may still feel quite foreign to you. In addition, they will have an in-depth understanding of how the market works here and can help you to analyze and plan your cash flow and taxes in the most advantageous manner.
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