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Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management is the proper management and/or coordination of the entire development and construction process, relating to every aspect of a new or renovation building project, so as to ensure "Best Practice" and "Add Value" to the development. The building project may relate to the construction or reform of an entire building or to the "Fitting Out" of an existing shell structure. Construction Project Management (sometimes referred to as Development Management) includes the provision of some or all of the following professional services as provided by Construction Project Managers :-



  • Land acquisition and procurement of topographical, geo-technical and building surveys;
  • Developing and agreeing the "Design Brief", budget and timeline programme with the Employer / Developer;
  • Assisting in the choice of professional design & surveying consultants, preparing and agreeing most suitable "Service Agreement" with each consultant appointed and subsequent management of their design and supervision activities;
  • Procurement of design of architecture, structural elements, electrical, mechanical & specialist services and "Health & Safety" requirements (including ensuring that all necessary "Risk Assessments" have been conducted);
  • Monitoring design at various stages of the design process (normally sketch, preliminary and detailed design), including chairing regular meetings of the "Design Team";
  • Preparing detailed cost estimates and feasibility studies of the works at various stages of the design process, including "Value Engineering" cost exercises to decide upon the most cost efficient design alternatives (e.g. steel frame compared with reinforced concrete);
  • Planning application process and dealing with local planning and utility authorities;
  • Procurement of construction including choice of most suitable "Form of Building Contract" (which in certain appropriate circumstances maybe one of "Design & Build") and amending terms of such to suit Employer's / Developer's needs;
  • Assisting in the choice of the most suitable building contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to tender for the building works including conducting a qualification process to decide on the most suitable contenders to be invited to tender;
  • Preparation of all necessary "Tender Documents" including amended Form of Building Contract, Contract Preliminaries (containing general description of the works, the Employer's / Developer's specific requirements, necessary phasing of the works and access thereto, insurance requirements, etc), Drawings, Specifications and "Health & Safety" requirements;
  • Conducting the tender process (which may be a two stage), financial analysis of tenders when received and recommending to the Employer / Developer the better tenders to be short listed;
  • Conducting tender negotiation including "Value Engineering" exercises with short listed tendering Main Contractors, making final recommendations to the Employer / Developer and assisting in the final appointment of the chosen Main Contractor;
  • Professional management and/or monitoring of the building works and the site activities of all Site Participants including the Main Contractor, subcontractors, the Architect and other design consultants, the Clerk of Works, the Health & Safety Officer and the Quantity Surveyor (the latter three if so appointed) to ensure that "Best Practice" is being employed regarding health & safety, quality control, cost control and timely progress of the works to meet the contractual timeline programme;
  • Chairing regular meetings on site (including the taking of the minutes of such and their distribution) with the above described list of Site Participants, on a monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis, as appropriate;
  • Administration of the Building Contract including ensuring that the appropriate Certificates regarding Interim Payments to the Main Contractor and Practical or Final Completion of the works are prepared and issued as specified by either the Architect or the Project Manager (depending on the form of contract employed);
  • Ensuring that each necessary change in the design, specification, method of working, timeline programme, phasing of the works or other such modifications are properly recorded by the issue of the appropriate formal written "Variation Order" or "Change Order";
  • Dealing with and resolving claims as raised by the Main Contractor and/or subcontractors regarding sought extensions of time and/or increased cost of the building works;
  • Ensuring that all necessary Testing & Commissioning of the electrical, mechanical and specialist services is properly executed and recorded;
  • Ensuring the successful delivery and handover of the complete project with regards to the contract, quality, cost and timeline programme;
  • Ensuring that the "Snagging" of the completed works both at "Practical Completion" and "Final Completion" of the Works (the latter at the end of the "Defects Liability Period", also known as the "Maintenance Period") is properly recorded and that the subsequent remedial works are properly executed by the Main Contractor.
  • Preparation of and agreement of the "Final Account" with both the Main Contractor and the Employer / Developer.

In Andalucia, depending on the form of building contract employed, the "Project Manager" may be referred to as the "Client's Representative", "Employer's Agent", "Contract Administrator" or the "Engineer" (the latter under the "FIDIC" form of international building contract).

The Construction Project Managers employed on building projects in Spain, on behalf of international development clients, tend to be bi-lingual British professional consultants with established offices in Spain.