Property Surveyors

From a charming Andalucian village house to a luxury villa hiring a surveyor is a sound investment © Michelle Chaplow
From a charming Andalucian village house to a luxury villa hiring a surveyor is a sound investment

Property Surveyors

To ensure that your real estate investment in Andalucia is sound, both structurally and economically, it is advisable to contract the services of a qualified property surveyor. That way, you will have a reliable building survey and property valuation on which to base your decision.

These professionals are able to inspect a property and provide a comprehensive report on its condition, incorporating the building's structure, fabric, finishes, outbuildings and grounds, and including the surveyor's unbiased and objective professional opinion. The surveyor will refer in his building survey to visible defects and will offer guidance on maintenance and corrective measures for the property in question.

There are two type of survey: a general  condition report, offering a basic insight into a building's condition, based on a visual inspection and a test of basic services. The report highlights any urgent risks and defects.

A building (structural) survey goes into greater detail and is are more comprehensive, providing an in-depth report on the property's conditionk, icnluding advice on repairs and maintentance. These are no longer called structural surveys.

What can a surveyor's report TELL YOU?

What types of damage or imperfections might a surveyor detect that the untrained eye might not see? Water damage and structural problems due to moving earth, for example. In fact, when dealing with "second-hand" homes, there is also the possibility that signs of damage have been covered with a good coat of paint and even a dash of plaster. A professional will not be fooled by these cosmetic modifications.

In addition to detecting damage and imperfections, a professional surveyor can give you an idea regarding the type of work and costs that might be involved in fixing them, as well as whether or not it would be possible to simply live with the problems. This building survey and property valuation are essential in making an informed decision on whether to invest in a property.

A good surveyor will belong to an official body, such as the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) in the UK - there are a numer of RICS-registered surveyors in Andalucia. He or she will also ensure the report produced is easily understood by the layman.