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To ensure that your real estate investment in Andalucia is sound, both structurally and economically, it is advisable to contract the services of a qualified property surveyor. That way, you will have a reliable building survey and property valuation on which to base your decision.

Selling one’s property is an art. The property market in Marbella has always been competitive and sellers with less experience might achieve far better results if they take advice from experienced professionals.

If you want to sell your property without slashing your prices then you need to stand out from the crowd.

Foreign currency issues can have a significant impact on the cost of your purchase. In securing property abroad, purchasers are likely to spend more time searching for the right property via their estate agent and researching the best method of financing their purchase rather than considering the financial implications of transferring money overseas. The transmission of funds for property acquisitions is often done at the last minute. This leaves the buyer exposed to the prevailing exchange rate and can significantly alter the eventual total cost of the property.