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Marbella Property Buyer's Guide

The Internet has become by far the most useful tool for those looking to buy properties and a net-based property search is usually the first step taken by any potential buyer. But, is it the right second step, once one sees a few desirable properties on several sites, to contact and make appointments with all the agents offering those properties, agents you don’t know or may not have even heard anything about, some of whom do not even identify themselves correctly on their sites?

The Marbella Property Sellers Guide

Selling one’s property is an art. The property market in Marbella has always been competitive and sellers with less experience might achieve far better results if they take advice from experienced professionals.


Andalucia exports nearly 100 million euros in furniture every year - and this is only 14 per cent of the regions overall furniture production. Combine the region's prolific production with a burgeoning import market - especially in areas heavily populated by foreigners - and you can be sure to find everything you will need to furnish your home.

Property Management Services

Investing in a Spanish property leads to the inevitable issue of property management, and this is not a problem in Andalucia, especially along the Costa del Sol, where a wide variety of companies and specialised professionals offer a range of services, which fall into three basic categories.

Property Services & Advice

Andalucía has so much to offer, it is hardly surprising that an ever-increasing number of people are seeking to establish a home here. For many, the climate is the chief deciding factor. The winters are mild and the summers hot without becoming oppressive. The province also boasts a wide variety of cities, coastal resorts and countryside. Whether you seek the jet set lifestyle of Marbella, the peace of a country retreat, or the Moorish grandeur of Granada. Andalucia has it all, and more.


Education is a primary concern for families relocating to Spain. For many children and young people, arriving in Spain and starting at a new school can be daunting at first, especially with a new language to learn.Andalucia offers a complete state school system from three to 18 years - three to five years is Infantil; six to 12 years Primaria; 12 to 18 Secundaria (ESO and Bacillerato) .

Removals & Storage

If you are planning to move to or from Spain from another country, there are numerous companies ready and willing to pack you up and deliver you to your new doorstep. From other parts of Europe, your belongings can make the transcontinental trip in an industrial-sized lorry as either a full or partial load. From the United States, large moves are best made by contracting either a full or partial shipping container.

Home Insurance

Whilst not obligatory in Spain, most people choose to insure their home - it's usually the biggest investment they make in their lives. Also, in the event that your property has a mortgage, the bank will usually insist on the building being insured, and the bank's interest being noted in the policy. Be aware that banks cannot insist that you use their insurance provider, and in any case, it's far better to shop around.

Legal Advice

Buying and selling property in Spain will most certainly involve different procedures than you are accustomed to in your home country. However, you can make this a smooth experience by learning as much as possible about how these processes work here, and then selecting reliable professionals to walk you through each step involved.


It can be quite a culture shock to up sticks and live abroad. Many people decide to settle in Andalucia, after many years of spending pleasant vacations in this beautiful part of Spain. However, if you have been used to hotels, rented accommodation or perhaps staying with friends and family.

Styling your property

If you want to sell your property without slashing your prices then you need to stand out from the crowd.

Real Estate Associations

There are a number of associations and groups offering credentials and licenses to real estate agents. Some focus mainly on sharing resources and provide a credential in as much as they associate prestigious or well-known names in the industry and therefore make a joint effort to uphold their good reputation. Others serve as official bodies that license agents or provide on-going training.

Real Estate Agents

The majority of property sales in Andalucía are handled by estate agents (immobiliarias), particularly those where overseas foreign buyers are involved. It's common for foreigners in many countries, particularly Britain and Germany, to use an agent in their own country who works in co-operation with one or more Spanish agents or developers. Many agents in Spain also advertise abroad, and in English language magazines and newspapers in Spain. Most, if not all, of the estate agents in Andalucía have staff who speak English and other foreign languages, so don't be discouraged if you don't speak Spanish.

Landlord Advice

Renting out your property in Spain comes with the same pros and cons you might find anywhere: you have the opportunity to pay for and even make money on your investment, but you run the risk of running into less than respectful renters.

Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management is the proper management and/or coordination of the entire development and construction process, relating to every aspect of a new or renovation building project, so as to ensure "Best Practice" and "Add Value" to the development. The building project may relate to the construction or reform of an entire building or to the "Fitting Out" of an existing shell structure.

Buying off plan

Buying off plan - or at some point during the construction process - is a popular option in Spain as the earlier you buy in, the less expensive your total purchase price will be. However, while many homeowners are satisfied with the final outcome, you should be aware that there is always the risk the developer will run into hard times and the building will not be completed.