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La Heredia - Property in Andalucia © Michelle Chaplow
La Heredia - Property in Andalucia

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Andalucía has so much to offer, it is hardly surprising that an ever-increasing number of people are seeking to establish a home here. For many, the climate is the chief deciding factor. The winters are mild and the summers hot without becoming oppressive. The province also boasts a wide variety of cities, coastal resorts and countryside. Whether you seek the jet set lifestyle of Marbella, the peace of a country retreat, or the Moorish grandeur of Granada. Andalucia has it all, and more.

You will also be pleasantly surprised at the quality, choice and cost of the available property here, including traditional remodeled farmhouses, spacious villas, convenient apartments and small town houses.

This southernmost region of Spain also prides itself on a thoroughly modern communications/infrastructure network which means that whether you are retired or in business, you can keep your finger on the pulse of international business and finance at all times.

Buying a property in Spain

Property purchase costs, Transfer Tax, VAT and Stamp duty, Notary fees and property registry inscription fees, Other costs Local Rates or Annual Property Tax (IBI), Community fees, Taxes.

The Internet has become by far the most useful tool for those looking to buy properties and a net-based property search is usually the first step taken by any potential buyer. But, is it the right… More →

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If your home is your castle, then you won't be the first to decide that Spain is the best place for it. In reality, whether you are building, buying, remodelling or decorating, Andalucia is an… More →

To ensure that your real estate investment in Andalucia is sound, both structurally and economically, it is advisable to contract the services of a qualified property surveyor. That way, you will… More →

Andalucia exports nearly 100 million euros in furniture every year - and this is only 14 per cent of the regions overall furniture production. Combine the region's prolific production with a… More →

Investing in a Spanish property leads to the inevitable issue of property management, and this is not a problem in Andalucia, especially along the Costa del Sol, where a wide variety of companies… More →

Education is a primary concern for families relocating to Spain. For many children and young people, arriving in Spain and starting at a new school can be daunting at first, especially with a new… More →

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Whilst not obligatory in Spain, most people choose to insure their home - it's usually the biggest investment they make in their lives. Also, in the event that your property has a mortgage, the… More →

Buying and selling property in Spain will most certainly involve different procedures than you are accustomed to in your home country. However, you can make this a smooth experience by learning as… More →

It can be quite a culture shock to up sticks and live abroad. Many people decide to settle in Andalucia, after many years of spending pleasant vacations in this beautiful part of Spain. However,… More →

There are a number of associations and groups offering credentials and licenses to real estate agents. Some focus mainly on sharing resources and provide a credential… More →

The majority of property sales in Andalucía are handled by estate agents (immobiliarias), particularly those where overseas foreign buyers are involved. It's common for foreigners in many… More →

Construction Project Management is the proper management and/or coordination of the entire development and construction process, relating to every aspect of a new or renovation building project,… More →

Buying off plan - or at some point during the construction process - is a popular option in Spain as the earlier you buy in, the less… More →

If you want to be far from the madding crowd, you can buy a plot of land and have an individual architect-designed house built to your own design and… More →

Since the early 19th century, there has been a noticeable revival to earlier architectural styles throughout Andalucía, including neo-… More →

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Foreign currency issues can have a significant impact on the cost of your purchase. In securing property abroad, purchasers are likely to spend more time searching for the right property via their… More →

Furniture packs are the ultimate solution for busy people who wish to furnish a new property in southern Spain – or completely renovate a home after years of wear and tear.

Buying a property abroad can seem a daunting prospect for many reasons, none least of which are the language barrier and the difficulty in understanding foreign laws… More →

Selling a property in Spain

Selling one’s property is an art. The property market in Marbella has always been competitive and sellers with less experience might achieve far better results if they take advice from experienced… More →

If you want to sell your property without slashing your prices then you need to stand out from the crowd.

Renting out a property in Spain

Investing in a Spanish property leads to the inevitable issue of property management, and this is not a problem in Andalucia, especially along the Costa del Sol, where a wide variety of companies… More →

Renting out your property in Spain comes with the same pros and cons you might find anywhere: you have the opportunity to pay for and even make money on your investment… More →

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