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Inland Andalucia is mostly rural, offering numerous possibilities for those seeking a home in the countryside or 'Campo' as it is in Spanish. A wide variety of inland properties are on offer in this beautiful area of Spain including modern new built villas and apartments along with more traditional villas, country houses, fincas, cortijos and often ruins for sale to those wishing to renovate after buying. Geographical variety is probably the area's most distinct feature as property hunters will meet with dry plains, olive groves, fertile valleys, mountain areas, limestone cliffs and formations, wetland areas and even rural stretches of coastline.

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Inland Andalucia

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To begin your search for inland properties, determine how isolated you wish to be. For example, how far are you willing to drive to the nearest international airport? The map of southern Spain above is roughly divided according to how high the population density is (not counting populations contained within city and town limits). It also gives you an idea on how far you might have to go to find a can of baked beans, or whatever it is you like to have imported from back home.

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To find an inland property location either choose a location by clicking on one of the three links above to select the area you are interested in exploring. This division is loosely based on expatriate population density.

The lightest region on the map is the busiest and most inhabited. You will find less occupied, more rural areas inland, while remaining close to the leisure opportunities, education, health and other facilities available on the Costa del Sol.

The medium shade region represents an area that is generally less populated than the Costa del Sol. A fair percentage of the inhabitants who have purchased inland properties in this area are foreigners, but they tend to be much more integrated into their local Spanish communities than their counterparts on the Coasts.

The darkest shade represents "Inland Andalucia". It is mostly rural, and if you are a foreigner, should you set up residence in these regions, you can expect to be culturally immersed, right from the start. The main cities in this area, such as Seville are exceptions, where many foreigners reside.

You will also be pleasantly surprised at the quality, choice and cost of the property available here, including: traditional remodelled farmhouses, spacious villas, convenient apartments and small town houses.