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The charm of living in the sundrenced Andalucian countryside © Michelle Chaplow
The charm of living in the sundrenced Andalucian countryside

Property in rural inland Andalucia

The country properties for sale within the inland areas will tend to be the cheapest available in Andalucia. Rural Andalucia is however becoming more and more popular with foreign property buyers and experience would suggest that prices are set to rise.

This area is the least developed, least populated area of Andalucia. You will find large cities, but their populations will generally be contained within their limits.

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The inland provinces of Andalucia, Spain

Huelva Province

Huelva is one of the least-visited regions in Andalucía, but it has many unique places to discover and explore, from cork oak-covered hills, to deserted beaches. Indeed, this province's escape from mass tourism is one of its main attractions. It lies at the western edge of Andalucía, bordered by Portugal to the west, Seville province to the east and the region of Extremadura to the north.

Jaén Province

Jaén is probably best known for its abundance of olive trees which dominate the landscape and punctuate the horizon, interspersed by stark white-washed farms and houses against a deep orange backdrop; the colour of the soil. This province is the world's leading producer of olives and olive oil.

Area of interest for property within inland Andalucia

The Costa de la Luz (Coast of Light) in Huelva Province runs from the Guadiana river, which forms the border between Portugal and Spain, to the Guadalquivir river in the east.

Sierra de Aracena is the large comarca (area) in the north of Huelva Province. It covers part of the Sierra Morena mountain range that spans accross most of northern Andalucia.

Sierra Norte is the name of a 'comarca' (region or area) in the north of the province of Seville. It is made up from 18 municipal districts and even more small villages.

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The Sierra de Cazorla comarca or area of Jaen province is the rural area and the large natural park in the north east of the province.