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Finding what you need to upgrade and customise your home in a new country can be a challenge. And this is followed by the challenge of making decisions about which of the products and services you find are right for you. Here, you will find the information to make these tasks easier..

Plumbing is one of the domestic aspects most likely to need the services of a professional. You will find numerous reasonably-priced and efficient plumbers in Andalucia; pricing is more economical… More →

One of the most appealing things about the Andalucian lifestyle is the amount of time you spend outdoors, including the space around your own home. Longer, lighter days throughout the year and… More →

Andalucia exports nearly 100 million euros in furniture every year - and this is only 14 per cent of the regions overall furniture production. Combine the region's prolific production with a… More →

It is a widely known fact that floor polishing is an essential part of any property’s overall image. A well polished floor sends a positive message to all who visit, whilst making a vital… More →

You'll be spending at least 1/3 of the rest of your life in this part of Andalucia - your bedroom here, that is. Therefore, you might to like to take some very… More →

If you are planning to move to or from Spain from another country, there are numerous companies ready and willing to pack you up and deliver you to your new doorstep. From other parts of Europe,… More →

Swimming pools are a standard feature of life in southern Spain. It’s easier to find an apartment complex with a pool than without one. Most villas have their own pools and, in addition to pools,… More →

Have you ever faced the pressure of throwing an important party and had things not go the way you had wished? If you can answer "yes" to the previous question, then you can appreciate just how… More →

The home, like the clothes we wear and the food we eat, is an intensely personal expression of our lives, experience and values. Although the home may be expressive of your own personal lifestyle… More →

Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the right windows for your home in southern Spain. Believe it or not, both the Spanish lifestyle and the large doses of sunshine we enjoy can… More →

Nowadays we are constantly being reminded of the challenges we are placing on the natural resources of our planet. Since Andalucia has become increasingly popular as… More →

One of the great things about living or visiting Andalucia is the year round use of the swimming pool. If you are lucky enough to own your own pool, then you will either know of come to know that… More →

Most of us know that we should drink more water to stay healthy. In fact, the amount we drink forms part of any beauty or rejuvenation regime, keeping the body and skin fresh and vital. This is… More →

Southern Spain may be known as a hot, dry region, but in fact it is an area with many subclimates and thus many types of vegetation – including a multitude of different trees.

Tools & Appliances for Hire in Andalucia. here is a list of specialist tool hire compnies in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol.

Many people are not aware just how beneficial swimming can be but the medical profession has always rated swimming very highly as a form of exercise, particularly for heart and lung fitness, joint… More →

The craft of stonemasonry has existed for thousands of years but in many places, it has become replaced by more modern modes of construction like those of wood or… More →

With so many thousands of hours of sun per year, southern Spain is the ideal place to install solar energy panels. What's more, thanks to new government programmes that oblige the electricity… More →

In Andalucia stores specialising in such items as plasma televisions, videos, DVD players, home cinema systems are referred to as specialists in “electrónica”. In early 2014 the Free to Air… More →

As part of the overall security strategy for your Andalusian home, you might consider using a safe deposit box of some kind. Some homes - particularly those in remote… More →

Plastering has become somewhat a forgotten art in many areas of the world but not here in Andalucia. Plastering is an integral part of the way homes in this region… More →

Parque flooring is widely available in southern Spain and you will find that home improvement and construction material outlets have permanent displays offering a wide range of quality, design and… More →

There are few types of home improvements that can spruce up your surroundings as quickly and as cheaply as a few coats of paint. Moreover, painting is something that nearly all of us… More →

For those of you who either don't have the time to do your own painting and decorating or else just prefer to have such work done by professionals, Andalucia and especially provinces like Malaga… More →

Living in Andalucia is bliss to many people, however during summer months, mosquitoes can blight our nights and cause untold grief and lack of sleep: we have all been there, dozing off in bed,… More →

Stone surfaces are not only durable and beautiful, but provide a quality feel that can not be replicated by synthetic materials. For this reason, even as the list of composite and other new… More →

For any home owner, home maintenance is always an important consideration. Of course, you could always hire someone to come and do the work for you, if you have the money. However, if money is a… More →

Chances are you're not reading this because you've locked your keys in your house. But, if you were, wouldn't you be glad you had the emergency telephone number of your local "Cerrajero", or… More →

The final touches to your home decoration often make the difference between average and spectacular results. This is particularly true of lighting. In Andalusia,… More →

Whether you are custom building a home in southern Spain, or remodeling an old one, expect to make your dreams come true in the kitchen. It is not difficult to obtain kitchen appliances,… More →

Iron bars are part of life in Spain. In fact, few Spaniards would even think of living without them, and many even enjoy decorating their doors and windows with… More →

Home Staging, or “House Doctoring” as it is widely known as on UK and American TV, is also available in Andalucia. It is becoming increasingly popular as a… More →

Whether or not you have bars on your windows or a home security system could make a difference in your home insurance rates. Expect prices to drop… More →

The real experts at home improvement in Andalucia are concerned not only with "how", but also "where". Where do you go to find what you need - and get it at a good… More →

In the space of just a few years, audio, video and home entertainment systems have advanced to such an extent that they are opening up new worlds for some of us and… More →

"Nine months of winter, three months of hell." This common proverb rhymes in Spanish to describe the country's hotter areas - such as Andalusia. And understandably, those three months of hell… More →

With spring arriving so early, summer lasting until late October and winter that is short and sweet, home and business owners in Andalucia often spend more quality time outside than in. Whether… More →

Gardening has never been so popular, especially in the UK where it dominates the airwaves and makes celebrities out of green-fingered presenters. But no-one can deny… More →

Woodstove or fireplace? You choose. Wood is now widely available all over Andalucia and nearly all the wood-sellers will deliver to your home. A fireplace adds a beautiful touch to any living room… More →

Often even small cities have relatively large shops specialising in appliances and other electrical goods. But, nowadays these can also be purchased in department… More →