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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is an essential part of homes and offices in Andalucía, in particular for people from more northern countries who come here on holiday or to live. It provides very pleasant living and working conditions when outside temperatures soar during the hot summer months and is now a standard feature in most newly constructed apartments and houses.

It is always advisable to purchase your air conditioning unit from a specialised company. These are the people who not only can advise you on which kind and how many units you may need for your home or workplace, but they also have the necessary expertise to install it correctly, give you good after-sales service and provide yearly maintenance check-ups.

There are two main types of air conditioning units on the market: standard and inverter. Standard units consume more energy because they are designed to reach a temperature setting and then click off, but every time the temperature starts to rise, they click back on again resulting in a power surge that consumes more electricity. Inverter units, on the other hand, maintain a super-low electric current, even after reaching their temperature setting. This allows them to swing back into action without using so much power. A typical inverter-style unit uses 30 per cent less than its standard counterpart, and the most sophisticated inverters can consume up to 40 per cent less electricity. Inverters may cost a little more than standard units, but they quickly make up for the extra cost.

Further savings on the cost of running an air conditioning unit can be gained if you insulate your home by seeing that all doors and windows are properly sealed, using curtains and awnings to keep out the hot sun, cleaning the air-conditioning filters regularly and making sure that your unit has a regular yearly service.

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