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The final touches to your home


Many foreigners living in Spain opt to bring as much Andalusian charm as possible into their home interior. This is not such a difficult task if you pay attention to some basic principles and know where to find and how to choose the appropriate materials. However, the local market is not limited to Spanish designs and deco. As more and more foreigners flock to Spain - especially the coasts, it is easier than ever to find import items from around the world.

Following are a few ideas to inspire the serious DIY decorator or to serve as a starting point for those wishing to later hire a professional to make dreams come true.

Colour Schemes Home Decoration
Find out how to use colour to "change" the dimensions of a room, add a uniquely Andalusian touch - or bring back the feelings of the home you left behind.
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Here are some general considerations for those would be decorators who aren't sure where to begin.
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Home Staging Lighting
Home Staging, or “House Doctoring” as it is widely known as on UK and American TV, is also available here in Andalucia
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The light in southern Spain is especially intense and requires a different approach to home decorating than we might be used to.
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Materials Picture Framers
A few building materials such as brick, ceramics and wrought iron, dominate the local market. Use them infuse your home with the vibrant passion of Andalucía.
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Looking for the perfect complement to that precious picture or piece of Art? Custom picture framing can be the answer...
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Professionals & Services Rustic Style
Information about the various types of professionals providing home design and decorating services in Spain.
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If you're buying a country home and wishing to capitalise on it's rural charm, this should be your first stop.
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Sense of Space

The Scents of Home

Many foreigners invest in Spanish homes that are far more spacious than the national average. This can present special challenges when it comes to decorating these spaces.
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Orange blossoms in spring and the pungent scent of jasmine floating in evening breezes, two of the most aromatic descriptions southern Spain could have. Bring the scents of Andalucia into your home.
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