Home Improvements - Curtains

Enhance your windows with beautiful curtains. © Michelle Chaplow
Enhance your windows with beautiful curtains.

Dress Your Windows

Windows offer special opportunities to home decorators - professional and amateur alike - in Andalucia. Not only do most of us who move here enjoy dramatically different views from our windows, but the quantity and quality of light that enters them may change the way we see this decorating opportunity.



Chances are you will dress your windows with colours and textures you would never have dreamed of using at home. And fortunately you will find all the fabrics and professionals you need to make your new windows match your fabulous new views and take advantage of (or protect you from) that amazing light that streams into your home.

Finding professional curtain services in Andalucia is a cinch. Not only do most major department stores and many home furnishing outlets offer a wide array of options, but specialised curtain shops can offer excellent, personalised service to ensure a perfect fit - both with your windows, and your personality!



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