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Parquet Floors

Parque flooring is widely available in southern Spain and you will find that home improvement and construction material outlets have permanent displays offering a wide range of quality, design and colour.

In general wood is not among the most popular building materials in this part of the world. Many attribute this to the climate and the hot summers. However, it is probably much more related to the lack of local forests and the need to import wood. Nowadays, this is not a problem and does not affect price as much as it might have in the past.

When choosing parquet floors, you will be faced with the option of working with a professional installation team or purchasing the do-it-yourself click lock floor systems that are so popular in home improvement stores these days. Be advised that no matter how simple this type of flooring seems to be, it is generally only easy for the dedicated “do-it-yourselfers”.

You can have a professional install your click lock flooring and one of the benefits is a floor that you can take take apart - like a puzzle - and take with you should you move. It can then be refitted to another room. Another benefit of click lock wooden floors is the ease with which a damaged section can be replaced.

If you wish to invest in the best parquet available, look for solid parquet which is usually at least 1.5 centimetres thick. This means the floor can be sanded and refinished again and again over the years. The next grade in quality is found in veneer parquet flooring which has a very thin (5 milimetre or so) quality wood surface attached to a less expensive base. These floors can also be refinished, but less often and only with light re-sanding. The cheapest grade of parquet flooring is called “laminate” and is not usually wood at all. Instead decorative wood designs and colours are applied to particle board or some other inexpensive base. The surface is laminated and can not, therefore, be sanded or repaired, like solid or veneer parquet.

Parquet flooring adds a beautiful and cosy touch to any room. To keep them bright and clean you can clean them with a barely damp mop. Otherwise, ask your supplier which products are recommended for your particular wood floors.

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