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The dream of building a new home or business facilities or reforming, remodelling, refurbishing or simply maintaining a building can quickly turn to a nightmare without professional help from a qualified builder. A qualified builder in Andalucia will comply with local building codes and safety standards and carry the proper insurance required of professionals in the industry.

A professional will also have a wide network of service providers and suppliers in order to ensure that your project progresses as smoothly as possible. This means you won’t have to find reputable architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers and other professionals on your own. It may also mean that your builder will be able to obtain supplies at source and at wholesale rates.
Before you hire a builder, check references carefully even when the project is small. It is important to ensure you are dealing with a well established professional operation that will carry your project to completion and provide you with proper documentation and guarantees to protect you in the months and years following construction.

Also, be sure to to have everything in writing. This includes not only your initial agreements, but every single change that is made throughout the project. This type of written documentation serves both the builder and yourself in order to avoid costly mistakes and general misunderstandings.

In addition to having agreements and guarantees in writing, you should also ensure that all work is properly invoiced as municipal consumer specialists can only help you make reclamations or provide mediation services if you have proper invoices for work completed.

Andalucia is well designed for the building industry. You need only visit the Costa del Sol to see how important construction is to the local economy. Builders are needed for an ever expanding number of hotels, villas, residential and office buildings and home remodelling and expansion. Therefore, a highly professionalised industry has grown to meet local construction needs. If you do your research properly, it should not be difficult to find a qualified, professional builder in your area who can take your project from start to finish.

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