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Beds and Bedrooms

Beds & Bedrooms

You'll be spending at least 1/3 of the rest of your life in this part of Andalucía - your bedroom here, that is. Therefore, you might to like to take some very locally inspired design issues into consideration as well as giving this room a relaxing touch through the use of carefully selected Mediterranean colours and decorations. Finally, don't underestimate the importance of your bed. Your mattress, in particular, is a decision you should sleep on before you spend years sleeping with the consequences.

Bedroom Design

Feng Shui aside, bedrooms in this part of the world need to be designed with two things in mind - strong sunlight and, in some locations, noise.

Spain is famous for its excellent nightlife, but this can cause problems for those who enjoy getting to bed early. Therefore, if you live in town or near a main road or street, you might consider a handy Spanish trick for keeping noise out of your bedroom: high quality PVC windows frames with insulated double panes.

And just because those PVC windows allow you to get to bed early doesn't mean you'll appreciate the strong Spanish sun waking you up at the crack of dawn. Therefore, if your home isn't equipped with built-in, heavy blinds, consider having them installed straight away. This is essential bedroom gear in this part of the world.



Bedroom Décor

If any specific colour were to represent Andalucía's Mediterranean look it would probably be yellow. But, according to colour psychologists, yellow is one of the least recommended colours for a bedroom. This is because yellow is known for its stimulating effects. Better bedroom colour schemes use soothing blues, cool greens or combinations of warm, earthen tones - all known for their calming effects. Have your favourite tones custom mixed at specialised outlets like Valentine's Deco Centers, or at large home centres like Leroy Merlín or Akí. And keep an eye on our Business Services listing for listings by painters in your area.

Shops specialising in bedroom decorations and accessories abound along the Costa del Sol.

The Bed

Before you buy a mattress, you should be aware those made in Spain tend to be on the firm side - a fact that can be good or bad, depending on your tastes and needs.

The local mattress market is divided into three basic categories: spring, latex and foam, each with their pros and cons. Spring beds, for instance, tend to be the firmest with single springs at the lower end of the quality scale and double springs at the higher end, and recommended for those in need of more support.

Latex beds fall in the controversial category. On one hand, they might be recommended by chiropractors because of the way they mould to fit and support the body's curves. However, many beds tagged as latex actually have as little as 20 per cent latex and up to 80 per cent "other" chemicals; allergic reactions have been reported. It is therefore a good idea to do your homework in order to ensure you're getting a high quality latex mattress.

Foam mattresses are often, but not always, the cheapest option. Their main selling point is that they are very lightweight, and they are often prescribed for those bedridden. However, foam tends to fall down in the durability category.

If you are wishing for more than the above options - or for more selection within the above categories - then shop the imports. On the Costa del Sol, for instance, you will find shops importing special mattresses from Denmark, Sweden, the UK, among other countries. You can also find adjustable bed dealers on the Costa del Sol and in Gibraltar.

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