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Water Coolers

By Dee McMath

Most of us know that we should drink more water to stay healthy. In fact, the amount we drink forms part of any beauty or rejuvenation regime, keeping the body and skin fresh and vital. This is even more obvious in a hot climate. Remember that you should not wait until you are thirsty before drinking water. Thirst is the first sign that you are already dehydrating, often followed by a headache and tiredness.

The problem is, knowing if you are drinking from the best source. Gone are the days of trusting tap water with all the added chemicals. Bottled water is perhaps a safer option, but there have also been reports questioning where some of this water comes from and how long it sits on the supermarket shelf. If we are to take responsibility for the planet, the pollution caused by transportation of so much plastic is also an issue which should be under scrutiny.

An excellent option is to have a water cooler with built in filter system installed in your house, office or even boat. You can normally buy the machine or opt for a contract with a regular maintenance charge. Either way, you will then be sure of fresh, clean water on tap the whole year round.

The advantages of a good water cooler and filter system include:

  • A plumbed in water filter system means guaranteed fresh water at all times – often offering both cool and hot water (for tea, coffee, etc.).
  • Whether in an office or home – no more carrying or organizing delivery of heavy bottles of water. Much time, effort and money is saved.
  • A good filter system will take out health threatening chlorine, bacteria and metals.
  • Tea and coffee with taste better made with fresh filtered water.
  • In an office environment, productivity should be increased if staff have constant access to fresh filtered water – especially during the summer months.
  • With pleasant tasting fresh water, the habit to drink more is likely to catch on and thus lead to better health.
  • You are helping reduce damage to the atmosphere caused by transportation of bottled water.

When looking for a water filter system, ask to see the models of machine available to choose the best size and style to suit your surroundings. There are usually designs that blend well with most homes and offices. It is worth asking for a few days trial period to see if you are satisfied that the system works well. We want to improve our health rather than jeopardize it by drinking our two to three litres a day. Having a fresh filter system means that you are less likely to forget to drink your daily quota of fresh filtered water. This is a great way to help you stay healthy, happy and avoid dehydration

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