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Locksmiths Save the Day

by Brenda Padilla

Chances are you're not reading this because you've locked your keys in your house. But, if you were, wouldn't you be glad you had the emergency telephone number of your local "Cerrajero", or locksmith?


In fact, once you have a handle on the vocabulary, you might notice small stickers in the oddest place - often your door, mailbox, the wall that surrounds your home or even a light pole or traffic light - advertising the 24-hour locksmith services of a company that practices the art of "Cerrajería" - which we might translate as "locksmithing". And this term can apply to work with all kinds of locks and security materials such as iron bars for homes, and the metal grates that pull down like window shades to help protect a shop window from vandalism.

It's a good idea to keep one of those stickers in your wallet should an emergency arise. And then you'll be ready as well should you need to have the locks changed on a new home or to request repairs on an existing lock.

If you live in a managed community, your property administrator may have a locksmith on call to service the home owners under his care.



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