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Home Owner's Insurance

Home Owner's Insurance

Whether or not you have bars on your windows or a home security system could make a difference in your home insurance rates. Expect prices to drop as you increase security measures.

Spanish home insurance policies will typically compensate you for all the usual damages - from fire, explosion, robbery, vandalism, flooding, smoke and weather damage - to the usual items - household goods, jewels, art, documents - and may also provide coverage while you area way from home, should you be mugged for instance.

Also common are clauses that agree to replace and repair electrical goods damaged by power surges. These can come in handy should you have a power problem that results in damage to home computers, faxes, VCR's and other sensitive items as it can be very difficult to get compensation from the electric company's insurance provider. In this same category, your home insurance policy might offer to replace at least a percentage of foodstuffs damaged during power outages.

You can contract a home insurance policy through a Spanish broker - "corredor de seguros" or "agente de seguros" - or through your bank or financial services broker.



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