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Unlike in northern Europe where the climate is cool, carpets and rugs are rare in typical Andalucian home and business environments. Floors are made of marble or stone and Andalucians tend to enjoy them for their own beauty, taking care to keep their floors clean and shiny, sometimes even hiring the services of professional floor polishers. The absence of carpets has made life far easier for typical Andalucian home owners who mop their floors regularly, while rugs or carpets have been widely viewed by the older generation as somewhat unhygienic or unnecessary.

However, with the arrival of many other nationalities to the region, bringing with them their own more modern ideas and trends to learn from, younger Andalucian households are increasingly opting for at least a few rugs about the home.

The British have always lived with wall-to-wall carpets, sometimes even topped by rugs, in the home or workplace and for them their living spaces in Andalucia make no exception to the rule. As a result, a number of local companies now offer wall to wall fitted carpets that provide a valuable home from home service. Carpets and rugs can be easily purchased in many specialist carpet shops or even large DIY shops, to suit every taste and pocket.

Rugs and carpets can be made of natural fibres such as wool, sisal, seagrass, coir, jute or even leather. Synthetics used include polyester, acrylic, nylon, and polypropylene and these are normally blended with wool, which often offers greater durability than 100% natural fibres, as well as ease of cleaning, not to mention a more economical buy. Oriental rugs and kilims from Nepal, Pakistan, China, Turkey and neighbouring Morocco are also widely available in Andalucia.

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