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When painting, you can use amazing colours in Andalucia.
When painting, you can use amazing colours in Andalucia.

Paint Shops

There are few types of home improvements that can spruce up your surroundings as quickly and as cheaply as a few coats of paint. Moreover, painting is something that nearly all of us have done at one time or another and except for the possible mess, it is very straightforward to apply. Painting can even be fun if you invite a few friends over for a "painting party" and you also supply the food and alcohol.



The many types, varieties, and colours of paint are enough to boggle the mind. Depending on what you are painting and where you are painting, you will need to select the type of paint that will stand up the best to the ambient surrounding. For example, many places in Andalucia suffer from a humidity problem; therefore, a good paint that stands up to the damp is a necessity.

That is why it is always an intelligent decision to consult a paint professional before beginning your job. Discuss your requirements, select the perfect colour, and also buy any painting accessories that you might need all in the same shop.

Below are a number of such shops who will all be able to help you.

Paint Shops




Comercial SulayPin S.L


952 345 304

Farben S.L


952 349 579

Pinturas Andalucía

Mijas Costa

952 478 508

Pedro López Martos S.L


952 778 904

La Casa del Pintor


952 867 972


Mijas Costa

952 464 148



952 788 948

Exclusivas Pinturas Ronda


952 874 577

Pinturas Juno


954 516 122



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