Home Improvement & DIY

Home Improvement & DIY

The real experts at home improvement in Andalucia are concerned not only with "how", but also "where". Where do you go to find what you need - and get it at a good price?

Only a short time ago, shop hopping was a mandatory part of any home project - the "ferretería" for hardware basics, the electronics store for wires and cables and the plumbing outlet for a pipe. These options are still available in small and large towns and cities everywhere. What's more, they can come in handy with personalised service and for making special orders. And surprisingly, when buying very small quantities of items like nails, screws, pipe or wire, this could be the most economical option.

An expansion on the small shop scene is the local "polígono" - or industrial park, which can be found just outside most larger, urban centres. If you're serious about "doing it yourself", you should take the time to get to know your nearest "polígono". It is here that you will find wholesale outlets that might give you a deal on surplus items. You'll also find a wide range of smaller workshops and retailers that usually serve construction companies but will be happy to provide you with made-to-measure shelving or a wide selection of stock doors, for example. And cutting out middlemen should show in the price.

New on the Spanish home improvement scene are superstores like Akí and Leroy Merlin. These are one-stop-shopping centres with everything from shelving kits to drywall to all the gadgets and gizmos you'll need for any project. Some stores, like Leroy Merlin in Marbella, for instance, go beyond construction materials to offer everything necessary for DIY decorating as well, with fabrics, carpets and a wide selection of tiles to choose from. Both Akí and Leroy Merlin will custom cut drywall, wood and other materials, at no extra charge.

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