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Plumbing is one of the domestic aspects most likely to need the services of a professional. You will find numerous reasonably-priced and efficient plumbers in Andalucia; pricing is more economical than in many places, partly due to innovation and the variety of available fittings.

If you are looking for a recommendation, administradores (property managers in managed communities) are often helpful people to ask, with many useful contacts. Alternatively, your home insurance provider or broker may have a list of plumbers or plumbing companies.

Plumbers can attend to both small jobs such as fixing dripping taps and replacing toilet cisterns, as well as bigger projects such as bathroom renovations. In this case, the plumber may recommend a local bathroom showroom or builders' supplier to find the units and fittings to suit your taste and budget. Alternatively he can source them himself to your specifications.

A new bathroom (toilet, bath/shower unit, wash basin, and tiles) will cost from about  €4,000 upwards, and will normally require a permiso de obras (building licence) obtained from the town hall and costing about 4% of the estimate for the work. Many plumbers will help with obtaining the license.

As with any building work, you should obtain a presupuesto (estimate) in writing from the plumber first, and clarify whether IVA is included. It is also essential to get a written factura (invoice) once the work is completed. Without these documents, your municipal consumer office cannot help should a dispute arise over the quality of service you received.


In the event of blocked toilet, drain or sink, you may need the services of an emergency plumber.  This is especially urgent if a water or sewage leak could potentially flood into your home, or affect a neighbour below if you live in an apartment.  

If you accidentally strike a water pipe, you will immediately need to turn off the water at the mains, so it's essential to know exactly where this is located. In an apartment there will a main stop cock, either near the entrance door or in a bathroom or toilet near the entrance. If you have access to the communal water meter room, there will be a stop tap there as well. The second job will be to call an emergency plumber to repair the pipe, so that you can turn on the water supply on again. 


If there is a leak in the water pipes on your property, you might not even be aware. Sometimes this is first suspected by excessive water consumption. Specialist plumbing services are equipped with leak location equipment to track down the source, which ranges from sonic leak locators to thermal imaging cameras.


English Spanish
Toilet Inodoro/wáter
Bathroom (Cuarto de) baño
Sink Lavabo
Bidet Bidé
Wall tiles Azulejos
Floor tiles Loseta, baldosa
Taps Grifos
Waste outlet Desaqüe
Waste pipes Tuberia
Mirror Espejo
Bathtub Bañera
Bathroom cabinet Mueble de baño
Leak Fuga
Burst pipe Tubo reventado
Flood Inundación


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