Cadiz Carnival Guide - Glossary

Give it a go! Anímate! © Michelle Chaplow
Give it a go! Anímate!

Useful Carnival Words

Are you planning your trip to the Carnival but feel nervous about actually speaking Spanish? We created a special collection of carnival words, to add to the fun!

  • guasa - joke
  • estar de guasa - joking, not being serious
  • estar de pitorreo - larking about, clowning about
  • pregon - announcement, proclamation
  • pregonero/a - official announcer of opening of Carnaval
  • desfile - procession
  • cabalgata - parade (as in the Three Kings)

Singing groups

See page on these for more details.

  • carrusel - open cart that carries the coros
  • chirigota - humorous satirical singing group
  • coro - large singing group
  • comparsa - more serious singing group
  • cuarteto - small comical performing group
  • chirigota illegal - amateur singing group
  • callejero/a - street group or performer
  • murga/charanga - band
  • pelotazo - good song which has succeeded in the competition, reaching the semi-final or final of the competition
  • cajonazo - good song which, in spite of its excellence, doesn't get beyond the competition's quarter-final


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