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Luxurious bathroom tiles and accessories are widely available in Andalucia
Luxurious bathroom tiles and accessories are widely available in Andalucia

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Whether you are shopping for a permanent or holiday home in Andalucia, bathrooms today rank as more important than ever to your living environment. Visitors to Spain today expect the same modern European standards in their bathroom designs even when on holiday and thankfully these can be found easily in Andalucia.

In fact, in Andalucia most properties boast a greater number of bathrooms than “back home” and provide comfort and practicality for those numerous showers for all the family that are so vital during the hot summer months. Your average house or apartment in Andalucia will have at least two bathrooms, plus a smaller shower room or WC, making bathroom design even more of an integral part of the home in Andalucia and today many designs, both traditional and modern, can be found to suit all tastes.

Bathrooms today are no longer the basic washrooms of yester year. Today the spirit of wellbeing, spa treatments and alternative therapies, make the entire body and bath experience a new, more luxurious event than ever before. Modern bathroom designs attract the same attention to detail as any other room of the home and have become an important extension of the sophistication we live with these days. Increasingly people are paying attention to the design of their bathrooms as places to escape to in order to find peace after a busy day. Today, bathrooms can easily be transformed into spa-like retreats and come with many new features and accessories to relax and please the senses.

When choosing materials, you may opt for classic ingredients such as natural stone and marble, or new materials including stainless steel, chrome, ceramic and frosted, clear or sandblasted glass. To this you may incorporate the very latest shapes and designs with matching accessories from designer bathroom furniture companies, to suit all tastes and requirements. Jacuzzi and whirlpool baths as well as pressure showers are highly popular and come as almost standard requirements for many new bathroom designs today.

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