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Water Wells

By Dee McMath

Nowadays we are constantly being reminded of the challenges we are placing on the natural resources of our planet. Since Andalucia has become increasingly popular as an area for a second residence, as well as a holiday destination for thousands of Northern and now also Eastern Europeans, the demand for water is especially high.

Along with the building of private villas, apartment blocks and hotel complexes, many new golf courses have been opened and as many again are planned for the near future on the Costa del Sol and inland. We are lucky this year, since the reservoirs have good levels to cope with the massive increased need for water during the busy summer months. Almost a decade ago, this was not so. From 1990 to 1995 much of southern Spain was hit by drought and some municipalities introduced water restrictions. During that time, there was a valid excuse not to wash the car or water the garden on Sunday.

At the height of that 'water crisis' many individuals, hoteliers and golf course owners began looking into the possibility of having their own water wells. Even though those dry years have not been repeated, the demands on water supply remain great.

Although you can't simply dig a hole and extract water with a rope and bucket, the process of sourcing your own water supply is not as complicated as you may think. There are specialist companies in Andalucia with the latest technological equipment and guaranteed experience in this field that can advise you and deal with every aspect of the matter. For an assessment of your own land, property, hotel or golf course, it's best to contact a specialist civil engineering company, which will give you first hand advice.

You can expect to find a whole range of services from established companies with plenty of background knowledge, years of experience and English speaking professionals. Whether it is for your own home or a large-scale business project, a study can be done to find an area where a well could be drilled. Unless you are a professional in this field, its usually best to contract the whole project to the experts. They will be able to source a site for the well that you need, install the necessary pump equipment and have the water analysed to make sure its suitable for your requirements.

New irrigation systems and water recycling methods are in big demand in Andalucia and some companies have been wisely using their resources to develop further in this area. An established local company will be able to advise you on the often-revised laws, especially in rural areas and will also be used to dealing with the inevitable bureaucracy involved in such a project.

If you would like to have an independent well, it really shouldn't cost you the earth. But before you start water divining and digging, it might be a good idea to get a professional quote.

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