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Natural Stone and Marble Suppliers

Stone surfaces are not only durable and beautiful, but provide a quality feel that can not be replicated by synthetic materials. For this reason, even as the list of composite and other new materials continues to grow, we continue to rely on natural stone products to create the perfect ambience for homes, offices, stores and public buildings.

Stone, especially marble and granite, are basic building materials in Andalucia, part of a long tradition in local building. They are, therefore, easily available. However, to find a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from, you will need to visit a specialty supplier that works with sources around the world in order to offer every imaginable nuance to be found in stone.

Following is a list of possible sources for some of the best stone and marble floors, surfaces and even fireplaces you might create here in Andalucia:

  • Greece– White Tassos; Statuario Marble
  • Iran– Onyx; Red Travertine
  • Brazil– Blue Macaubas; Blue Bajia granite
  • India– Green Marble
  • Portugal– Pink Marble
  • Zimbabwe– Black Granite
  • South Africa– Black Granite
  • Italy– Black and Gold Nero Portoro

Whether you are buying as a developer, interior designer, decorator or home owner, a professional supplier will provide you with information and advice in order to select the natural stone or marble that is best for your Andalucian project.

History is a testament to natural stone’s enduring quality and especially to its beauty, as it has been the material of choice for great buildings throughout time. A qualified craftsman can help you create the perfect designs to display your choice of natural stone throughout your home.

Keep in mind that stone is versatile and can be used for more than just floors. You can also create stunning bathrooms in marble and granite, for example. And these natural materials also serve beautifully for fireplaces.

In Southern Spain, natural stone and marble is greatly appreciated during the hotter half of the year as it is cool to walk on and helps to keep indoor temperatures down.


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