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Picture Framing

A move to Andalucia often means starting over in terms of decoration and interior design. Thanks to a new climate and the amazing natural light available in this part of the world, many who move here feel the desire to try on new colours and even choose new artwork to display in their homes and offices.

Clearly a well chosen piece of art is the perfect way to personalise any space and make a statement about yourself and about what you believe - whether at home or the office. For this reason, so many go to great expense to collect works of art that speak to their own souls.

However, all the effort that goes into creating a great collection can be lost if we ignore the container in which the art is to be displayed— the frame.

Frames are the perfect complement for a photo or picture. The frame exists in a symbiotic relationship with the art it displays and becomes at the same time a part of the art as its receptacle and border.

Quality framing is an art that not only takes a professional understanding of the finest quality of woods or metal but also an openness to the art itself. Be it a photograph, a painting, or even a professional certificate, a professional framer will find the best combination of materials to make it stand out and thereby enhance its importance.

Expert framing services are available throughout Andalucia and you will find that many employ artisans who have ample experience framing southern Spanish art as well as works from around the world. Remember true framing professionals can make sure that the art you have chosen will look its utmost best.