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Art Galleries in Andalucia

Art and Art Galleries can be found in many forms throughout Andalucía, not only in private or municipal art galleries, but also in museums, cultural centres, historic buildings, churches and even in the open air.

Andalucia is rich in an artistic culture that dates back to prehistoric times and much of the art and artefacts have been preserved and are on display to the public. Andalucía is now recognising its fantastic cultural legacy as never before, and it also takes pride in the wealth of modern artists who will become its future heritage.

Art not only comprises paintings and sculpture, photography or engraving, it also encompasses the traditions and customs of the different civilisations that settled in Andalucía through the ages. So there are also numerous exhibitions relating to horsemanship, bullfighting, flamenco, pottery and olive oil.

Art galleries in Andalucia
Art galleries in Andalucia

The art galleries in Andalucía are dedicated to varied media and many are world class. In Málaga there is the Málaga Picasso Museum honouring the famous artist who was born in the city, and also the CAC, an internationally renowned contemporary art centre. Almería has its Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía and in Cádiz the Fundación Rafael Alberti has a large collection of the poet’s work.

There is an exhibition in Granada devoted to the scientific knowledge of the Moors during their eight century rule of Al Andalus; while in Huelva there is one describing the culture of different local civilisations and their relationship with the Atlantic Ocean. Ancient Iberian art can be seen in Jaén, the art of flamenco in Sevilla, of bullfighting in Córdoba and of glass in Gibraltar.

The whole of Andalucía is like one large art gallery and the above links show you some of the places you can visit. Please see information about Art Galleries in the specific town in the Destinations section