Art Galleries

A guide to art galleries in Huelva. © Michelle Chaplow
A guide to art galleries in Huelva.

Art Galleries in HUELVA

Contemporary and graphic art are exhibited at regular exhibitions in the Sala Siglo XXI, part of the Museo Provincial de Huelva which also has remarkable displays of Tartessic, Roman and prehistoric archaeological remains as well as paintings from the 15th to 20th century.

Avenida Alameda Sundheim 13
Tel: 959 65 04 24
Opening Times:
1 January-15 June, Tuesday-Saturday, 09.00-19.30hrs
1 January-15 June, Sunday and Holidays, 09.00-15.30hrs.
16 June-15 September, Tuesday-Sunday and Holidays, 09.00-15.30hrs.
16 September-31 December, Tuesday-Saturday, 09.00-19.30hrs
16 September-31 December, Sunday and Holidays, 09.00-15.30hrs.

Through paintings, sketches, engravings and photography the Centro de Interpretación Huelva Puerta del Atlántico describes the presence of the various civilisations who settled in the area and their relation to the Atlantic Ocean.

Calle Presidente Adolfo Suárez
Tel: 959 541 817 or 959 54 22 48
Opening Times: Monday-Friday, 10.00-14.00hrs




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