Huelva City Carnival


The Huelva carnival is one of the biggest in Andalucia and is known as the Columbian Carnival, in honour of Christopher Columbus, who sailed from Huelva to discover the New World. The Huelva carnival closed down during Franco's prohibition and it took a few years to start it up again, even after democracy overtook the country. It was not, therefore, until 1983 that this carnival re-started after a long sleep.

The Huelva Federation of Clubs and Carnival Associations (Federación Onubense de Peñas y Asociaciones de Carnaval (FOPAC) is responsable for organizing this exciting event for the capital of Huelva, which - like Cádiz - hosts a major contest for all the different genres of carnival singers. The Huelva carnival singing contest has been known to attract up to 70 different groups from Huelva, Cádiz and the rest of Andalucia.


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