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Huelva is not a large provincial capital however it is certainly well known and for good reason. It is from here that Christopher Columbus set sail for America in 1492 and there are number of important attractions relating to his journey in and around the city. All such destinations are located either in or around the city and buses make frequent journeys within and beyond the city.

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There aren't a great deal of hostals or hostels in Huelva City, however more can be found in the surrounding area and there is good bus access in and out of the city. Take a look at the larger selection of hotels available too, with our Huelva Hotel Page.

Hostels in the city

Albergue Inturjoven Huelva
Albergue Inturjoven Huelva

The modern Albergue Inturjoven Huelva is situated near Moret Park, around 600 metres from Huelva Cathedral. It offers both shared and private rooms, all with air conditioning and en suite bathroom.



For a greater selection of hostals and hostels, try nearby Punta Umbria which is less than 10km from Huelva City.

Hostals and Hostels definition

A HOSTAL (also know as a guest house) provides basic accommodation at a reasonable price and a private room. These are common in Spain and not hard to find, with many occupying a floor of an apartment block as opposed to a stand alone building. Rooms don't all come with en-suite facilities, however guests will usually have the option of this.

A HOSTEL in Spain is that which you would expect to find in most parts of the world - the opportunity to stay in shared dorms at a low price. These are often social hubs among travelers, with common rooms and, at times, cheap bars making them excellent places to meet new people or find another travel companion. Many hostels also have private rooms available, as well as dorms.

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