Huelva City Museums

Museums in Huelva City

Museo de Huelva
Local archaeology, sculpture and paintings

Museums near Huelva city

Casa-Museo Zenobia-Juan Ramón
The poet's house and articles of interest. Located in the nearby town of Moguer

Museo Diocesano de Arte Sacro
Religious Art, paintings, sculpture, arts and crafts. Located in the nearby town of Moguer

Monasterio de la Rábida
Art and history. Discovery of America. Locted outside the city over the Rio Tinto in La Rabida area.

Muelle de las Carabelas (Warf of the Caravels)
A waterfront exhibition with life-size replicas of Columbus's three ships: the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa María, built for the 500th anniversary celebrations.

Copper Interpretation centre
The Atlantic Copper Company has created an exhibition space that shows the important role of copper in daily life, as well as the close connection that the province of Huelva has had with metallurgy for thousands of years.


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