Huelva City Train Station


The train station is called Huelva and it opened on the 23th April 2018. It is located in the south of the city and the main access is from the south on Avenida de Cadiz and also and access from Avenida Escultura Miss Whitney.   It is a simple single storey building of 1,200 m2, and includes main hall, commercial units and other areas of public use.    There are four Iberian gauge tracks which are provided with double width sleepers to allow their future adaptation to the standard width for the high speed trains.  The trains are accessed by two passenger platforms leading out from the platform head and the lobby. There is an additional technical platform for the staff of Adif and Renfe. There is a cafe. The station is open 06.15 to 23.00 hrs and the ticket office from 06.30 to 21.30. Local bus line Líneas: 1, 5 and 6.

From here there are three medium distance trains daily to Seville, one fast long distance train a day to Madrid via La Palma del Contado and Córdoba,  and one medium distance trains a day to Jabugo and Sierra de Aracena, which continue north to Zafra and Extremadura.

The old train station was called Huelva-Termino and was also known locally as Estación de Sevilla  was located 800m to the west at Avenida Italia, 36. It was built in 1888 in neo-mudejar style.  

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