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Marbella has a family friendly tren turistico (tourist train) that runs all year round. It travels around the principal sights of the town taking about 25 minutes.

There are several modern metro systems in Andalucia in the cities of Sevilla (opened in 2008), Malaga (opened in 2014) and Granada (opened in 2017). The Tramvia link from Chiclana to Puerto Real and Cadiz is completed bun not yet inaugurated. Seville Tram opened in 2011.

Spain´s Vías Verdes (railway paths) are one of Andalucia´s lesser known rural attractions and a great way to discover the countryside off the sometimes well-beaten track. In the 1960s the Spanish government drastically reduced its regional railway routes and closed down many train lines. Since the early 1990s, the government has been transforming these former railway lines into over 100 routes nationwide

These trains, which travel at about 75km/h. offer services into the cities Seville, Malaga and Cadiz from their suburbs and towns: Málaga to Fuengirola, Málaga to Álora, Seville to Utrera, Seville to Lora del Río, Seville to Cartuja, Seville to Cazalla-Constantina, Seville to FIBES, Seville to Benacazón, Cádiz to Jerez de la Frontera.

Medium Distance (MD) regional trains offer a network of routes between major cities and smaller provincial towns in Andalucia. The medium-distance services go under various names, the main services between cities being Intercity (IC), TER and the faster AVANT (on the standard guage AVE tracks). They may also be called Regional Express or Rapido (not entirely accurately).

International trains from France terminate at either Barcelona or Madrid. The overnight sleeper trains from France were discontinued in December 2013 and replaced by high speed day trains. From there you can also travel on Renfe trains between some of the main provincial capitals on the and medium-distance trains in Andalucia, and to some of the smaller villages as well.

Spain's modern, extensive, efficient railway system makes travelling by train in Andalucia a delight. Thanks to excellent infrastructure, comfortable trains and reliable service, more and more travellers are choosing this relaxing, ecologically-friendly form of transport in order to get the best out of their time in Andalucia.

The RENFE Train Station at Málaga Airport is ready and waiting to take passengers to and from the airport with trains leaving every 20 minutes for Málaga City or Fuengirola in the out of town direction. The Fuengirola train, stops at Torremolinos and Benalmádena as well.