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Trains in Andalucia

Spain's modern, extensive, efficient railway system makes travelling by train in Andalucia a delight. Thanks to excellent infrastructure, comfortable trains and reliable service, more and more travellers are choosing this relaxing, ecologically-friendly form of transport in order to get the best out of their time in Andalucia.

Trambahia - Cadiz Bay Tramway

The 'Tranvía Metropolitano de la Bahía de Cadiz' (Metropolitan Tramway of Cadiz Bay) also called 'Trambahía' opened on 26th October 2022. It had been a long wait since the construction fo the track was completed in 2012. It connects Chiclana, San Fernando and Cádiz, using a train-tram system which permits the units to adapt to running on the standard railway tracks as well as the newer tram lines.

Jerez City Train Station

Jerez de la Frontera train station is located in Plaza de la Estacaion Ferrocarril s/n  located about 500m east of the historic town center. It is served by Alvia Long Distance trains to Madrid, Medium Distance to Cadiz, Sevilla and Corodba with some continuing to Jaén, and Cercanias (local) to San Fernando and Cadiz.

Cadiz City Train Station

Cadiz train station is located off Plaza de Sevilla on the eastern or bay side of the city near the port. The old station building is located behind the Aduana (customs) building and the trains depart from the new station building with is behind the old.

Huelva City Train Station

The train station is called Huelva and it opened on the 23th April 2018. It is located in the south of the city and the main access is from the south on Avenida de Cadiz and also and access from Avenida Escultura Miss Whitney. It is a simple single storey building of 1,200 m2, and includes main hall, commercial units and other areas of public use.

Almeria Train Station

The train station is located within the same building as the bus station, in the Estación Intermodal. ( Intermodal station; meaning bus and train combined station). the building opened in 2005 as the first of its type in Spain. It is open from 05.00 to 24.00 hrs. Here is a plan of the station.

Villanueva de Córdoba - Los Pedroches Train Station

This station on the AVE high speed rail line from Córdoba to Madrid opened on 29th March 2014 to help the economic development of the town and the Los Pedroches area. The station offers Altaria and AVE train lines to Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Algeciras, Antequera, Ciudad Real and Córdoba, amongst others.

Granada Metro

The Granada 16km-line crosses Granada from north to south and also connects the towns of Albolote and Maracena (north-east), and Armilla (south-east). The line serves 26 stations in total, of which just three - Méndez Núñez, Recogidas, and Alcázar del Genil - are located underground in central Granada, close to the river Genil.

Marbella Tourist Train

Marbella has a family friendly tren turistico (tourist train) that runs all year round. It travels around the principal sights of the town taking about 25 minutes.

Antequera Santa Ana Station

Antequera Santa Ana station is the new Antequera train station on the AVE high speed rail line and is located about 17km to the north west of the town. It is just of the A-384 in the direction of Campillos. When the futuristic station building was opened on 16 December 2007, the station was critised as a white elephant in the middle of nowhere that cost 10m €.

Puente Genil Herrara railway station

If there was a prize for the biggest and most futuristic railway station in one of the smallest villages in Andalucía or Spain, this would win it. The Puente Genil - Herrara railway station on the Malaga to Cordoba AVE high speed railway line is just outside the village of Herrera.

Velez-Malaga Tranvia

As you drive into Velez Malaga you may noticed tram line that connects the town with its coastal sister town in Torre del Mar. No need to slow down and look both ways before crossing. Construction began in 2003 of the 6km and 12 stations the southern phase between the two towns opened on 11 October 2006 at a cost of 46 million € and closed in 4th June 2012.

Jaen City Tranvia

You may have noticed tram line in Jaen city, don't stand around waiting for a tram as you may have a long wait. The Tranvia de Jaen was a modern light railway constructed between 2009 and 2011 at a cost of 75m €. Five low-floor Alstom Citadis trams, model 302, were purchased.

Metro and Trams in Andalucia

There are several modern metro systems in Andalucia in the cities of Sevilla (opened in 2008), Malaga (opened in 2014) and Granada (opened in 2017). The Tramvia link from Chiclana to Puerto Real and Cadiz is completed bun not yet inaugurated. Seville Tram opened in 2011.

Malaga Metro

The Málaga Metro is a light railway network with two lines which opened in July 2014. They cover the areas to the west and south-west of the city. The lines curently terminate at the main line train station and the extention to bring the metro right into the city centre is under constructioni.

Santa Justa Train Station, Seville

The Santa Justa train station is located to the north-east of the city centre, on Avenida Kansas City. Santa Justa train station opened in 1991, as part of the city’s modernization plans for the Expo 1992 when Spain’s first high-speed AVE train service was launched (Plaza de Armas, the beautiful old station, is now a shopping centre with cinema).

Vias Verdes

Spain´s Vías Verdes (railway paths) are one of Andalucia´s lesser known rural attractions and a great way to discover the countryside off the sometimes well-beaten track. In the 1960s the Spanish government drastically reduced its regional railway routes and closed down many train lines. Since the early 1990s, the government has been transforming these former railway lines into over 100 routes nationwide

Ronda Railway Station

There are two Altira express return trains a day to Madrid Atocha stopping at  Antequera Santa Ana, Cordoba Central, Puertollano, Cuidad Real and two in the other direction to San Roque and Algeciras.  There are also three return medium-distance stopping trains a day for stations to Algeciras in one direction, and Bobadilla to Granada in the other.